Achieve Machine - Remember that everyone you meet is wearing an invisible sign that says make me feel special"

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The Something Special Gift Card™ is designed to help you show your customers your Go Give spirit.

This card is designed to promote your business to your customers and potential team mates. We have specifically made our own logo very small so as not to confuse customers about what they have just been given. After all your sharing your business not ours.

Directions for the use of this card are clearly stated on the back of each card. These cards are not sold to any other cosmetic supplier. They are for the exclusive use of the Mary Kay professional. All consultants are verified before shipping with MK Corporate.

We know you will love the savings of our ECO-Friendly Gift Cards.

We hope you love our design. We know you will enjoy handing these out, and we want to see you on stage at Seminar!

Go on now and make your customers feel like Something Special!

New Designs Are Coming SOON!
Spring of 2017.

Something Special™
Gift Cards

You’re going to love the newly designed cards. Will be coming in the most popular dollar amounts, plus cards for Brides and Birthdays.


Something Special™
Skin Care Survey

Don't know what to ask? We designed these survey's for our own use and love them. We know you will love them too.

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